About Us

Backed with more than 25 years of experience in the Coir industry, Green Coir Hub has been recognized as one of the leading manufacturer. Our factory is equipped with the latest yarn preparation and dyeing equipments. Our workers have the commands of their brain on their finger tips. They are traditional and talented.

We never boast off perpectual durablility on our products, because we never like this world a garbagebin of undisposable things. Our products are made from GOD given natural coir fibre manufactured from Kerala, “The Gods own country”.

  • Furnish your floor with our coir Fibre Mats, 100% coir Mats, Pvc Mats, Rubber Backed Brush Mats and Rubber Backed Non Brush Mats, Polypropylene Mats, Natural Rubber Mats etc.
  • Cover the steeps and slopes of your lawn and farm with our coir geo-textiles
  • Don’t bother about the lack of natural creep sticks for your creepers and tendrils. We provide you with coir covered creep sticks.
  • Garden your orchids on our Coir Logs. It will provide your plants with moisture and food.